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Didn’t get to go to the 2012 CICM ASM in Melbourne?

Jon G has written a blog of the whole conference. Read his personal take on the proceedings here. All the talks can also be viewed at here if you are a CICM member..

Marik on haemodynamics

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The man who debunked the use of the CVC in fluid management gives us a how-to-guide on how to give fluids..

Thanks to David A for sending this in.

Haemodynamic parameters Marik AIC 11

The final nail in the coffin for Mg in SAH comes from the MASH 2 study, which found no difference in poor outcomes. The RPA ICU policy for the treatment of SAH has been updated in the light of this and other papers – watch this space..

MASH 2 Dorhout Mees Lancet 12