2012 – the year in review. We were warned.

rpaicu —  August 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

Mark L has sent us these excellent review articles from August’s Current Opinion in Critical Care. From how to look after those tricky septic and post-op surgical patients to pragmatic advice on the treatment of acute AF and heart failure, and much more besides…

Periop morbidity – lessons from recent trials Thiele COCC 12

Less invasive approaches to periop optimisation Geisen COCC 12

Enhanced recovery to reduce surgical morbidity Grocott COCC 12

IV fluids in surgical ICU patients Raghunathan COCC 12

Postop Delerium – etiology and management McDaniel COCC 12

Emergency management of sepsis Puskarich COCC 12

Management of AF in the acute setting Chenoweth COCC 12

Early management of Acute Heart Failure Summers COCC 12

Risk stratification and treatment of PE Penazola COCC 12

Anaphylaxis De Bisschop COCC 12

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