How to post


We’d really like it if as many users as possible posted onto the site. A ‘post’ is a message or comment, with or without an attached file, photo, video, even an mp3 file. These appear on the home page of the site, most recent first, and are archived by month on the right-hand side of the page.

You might want to post if you have seen a new paper in the literature, with the link to the article, or, even better, the pdf file of the article. You might want to draw attention to a potential problem on the ICU, tell us about a change in practice, or just invite everyone out for a drink after work…

It’s up to you – it’s your site. So rather than sending a group email, why not post your message on the site? (unless it’s a boring roster swap!)

How to ‘post’ on

The easiest way to post is by email. The secret email address for the site is:

Copy and paste this into your email address book, and you’re off!

Make sure to complete the subject of the email – this will be the title of your post

Add a photo into the text of your email and it will appear in the text of your post

Attach files to the email and they will appear as clickable links, photos or a video which will play in the wordpress player with the click of a mouse….see example below. Happy posting!

This email will result in a post that looks like this: