Journal club

We hold a journal club every few weeks at RPA ICU, where two of the Trainees give presentations on papers that have sparked their interest. Below are the articles and presentations, in case you missed JC, and so that we don’t repeat ourselves!

November 2012

Umesh enlightened us on a drug which is refusing to die (despite the manufacturer taking it off the market) – Activated Protein C aka drotrecogin alfa. This sparked some lively debate in Journal Club led by an excitable Michael O’Leary..

Umesh on APC and sepsis cohort study CCM 12

APC and septic shock cohort Rimmer CCM 12

Zoe B on the trial which cast some doubt on the utility of the intra-aortic balloon pump in MI with cardiogenic shock – IABP-SHOCK II. Again there was lively debate which largely deflated the trial.

Bamber on IABP-Shock II


August 2012

Chathuri D on the Enteric Study. Easy tiger.

ENTERIC Study Davies CCM 12

July 2012

Nudy’s take on the 6S Study…

6S Study Perner NEJM 12

June 2012

Zoe told us about the new Berlin definition of ARDS

ARDS the Berlin Definition JAMA 12

David discussed the NEJM nighttime Intensivist paper and a NZ study of Registrar sleep (heaven forbid!)

Nighttime Intensivists Wallace NEJM 12

Nighttime Intensivists Campbell Editorial NEJM 12

Registrar sleep Poynter CCR 12

Registrar sleep Warrillow Editorial CCR 12

May 2012

Chathuri told us about Adrenaline vs placebo in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Adrenaline in OOH cardiac arrest Jacobs Resus 11

Umesh talked about pre-op anaemia and non-cardiac surgery

Preop anaemia, postop outcomes Musallam Lancet 11

March 2012

Rachel discussed an RCT which showed that haloperidol can prevent delirium

Haloperidol prophylaxis RCT Wang CCM 12

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