Links to ICU related websites, organisations and resources…please let us know if we have missed any!

The mother ship…

If you are a member of the College, the Member’s portal contains lots of free resources – access to journals, the College Journal Club, your CME calculator…

ANZICS runs excellent meetings and conferences, provides guidance documents, is the home of the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, and advocates for intensivists in general..

The Intensive Care Network: this Australian site is aimed at trainees and is free to join. It contains some amazing resources, interesting articles and a discussion forum…

The ARC: More than just ALS – learn how to treat a snakebite victim!

CIAP – access to most journals you’ll ever need. Get yourself an off-site login..

Medscape. A great resource. Frequently updated, written by experts, and free. Besides the website, there are excellent mobile apps (also free), with detailed review articles, reference guides and a good drug database complete with interaction checker…

Life in the Fast Lane. The original and best Emergency Medicine and Critical Care blog. Literally tons of useful resources, all free in the spirit of Free Open-Access Meducation or “FOAM” as it is known by its devotees. Mike Cadogan and Chris Nickson are the ringleaders. Truly awesome stuff.

ICU room. A US forum with loads of great content, including lots of procedure videos..

ICU Web. From the people (in Hong Kong) that gave us the excellent BASIC course, a collection of excellent resources for ICU practitioners.

PulmCCM – subscribe for free to get regular updates in the world of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

The BMJ Evidence Centre and McMaster University have teamed up to bring you Evidence Updates…you can pick the specialities you want and get email alerts when any new evidence appears in your field. You get sent the abstract and some expert opinion. A great way to keep up with the literature..

ICU Trials – this inexpensive app gives you the low down on a lot of the big ICU trials. You can search by speciality, disease or intervention and you get the key points. Don’t forget to see the Top 100 ICU Papers to examine the papers in more detail. A snip at 3 bucks and sure to get better. The original and best, Scott Weingart, who even has his own Simpsons caricature, blogs and podcasts on all things Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, often with impressive guest appearances. He tries to apply ICU principles to the ED, with the motto “bringing upstairs care downstairs”. Which in RPA’s case, would be “downstairs care upstairs”..

More ICU podcasts, this time from ex-RPA Advanced Trainee, Oli Flower. Check out the excellent use of mood music. Contemporary, cutting edge, great hair.