Top 100 ICU Papers – Miscellaneous


Calandra T, Cohen J; International Sepsis Forum Definition of Infection in the ICU Consensus Conference.
The international sepsis forum consensus conference on definitions of infection in the intensive care unit.
Critical Care Medicine 2005; 33: 1538-48. PubMed Abstract
Know these definitions by heart!

Tan T, Brett S, Stokes T on behalf of the Guidelines Development Group.
Rehabilitation after critical illness: summary of NICE guidance.
British Medical Journal
 2009; 338: 767-9  PubMed (no abstract)
There’s life after ICU…….

Cheatham ML, Malbrain ML, Kirkpatrick A, Sugrue M, Parr M, De Waele J et al.
Results from the International Conference of Experts on Intra-abdominal Hypertension and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome. II. Recommendations.
ICM 2007,33,951-962 Cheatham
A sequel to this one

Riker RR, Shehabi Y, Bokesch PM, Ceraso D, Wisemandle W et al. for the SEDCOM Study Group
Dexmedetomidine vs midazolam for sedation of critically ill patients: a randomized trial.
JAMA 2009,301,489-499 Riker
Less delirium, less ventilator time, shorter ICU stay? Make it so!

Hassanein TI, Tofteng F, Brown RS Jr, McGuire B, Lynch P et al.
Randomized controlled study of extracorporeal albumin dialysis for hepatic encephalopathy in advanced cirrhosis.
Hepatology 2007,46,1853-1862 Hassanein
… and a pretty strong trend towards improved survival – in the short term, at least….

Stravitz RT, Kramer AH, Davern T, Shaikh AO, Caldwell SH et al.
Intensive care of patients with acute liver failure: recommendations of the U.S. Acute Liver Failure Study Group.
CCM 2007,35,2498-2508 Stravitz
Fancy managing the coagulation of a hypothermic liver failure patient for transplantation?

Spahn DR, Cerny V, Coats TJ, Duranteau J, Fernandez-Mondejar E, Gordini G et al.
Management of bleeding following major trauma: a European guideline.
Crit Care 2007,11,R17 Spahn
Forget Factor VIIa – control the bleeding fast!

Stanworth SJ, Birchall J, Doree CJ, Hyde C.
Recombinant factor VIIa for the prevention and treatment of bleeding in patients without haemophilia.
Cochrane 2012,3,CD005011 Simpson
Aprotonin‘s dying, NovoSeven’s struggling – anyone for tranexamic acid? 

For further reviews on this hot topic (Factor VIIa), see this issue of Critical Care.


Corwin HL, Gettinger A, Fabian TC, May A, Pearl RG et al.: EPO Critical Care Trials Group.
Efficacy and safety of epoetin alfa in critically ill patients.
NEJM 2007,357,965-976 Corwin
I don’t get it: EPO increases thromboses, doesn’t reduce transfusions, but appears to reduce mortality?


Pawar KS, Bhoite RR, Pillay CP, Chavan SC, Malshikare DS, Garad SG.
Continuous pralidoxime infusion versus repeated bolus injection to treat organophosphorus pesticide poisoning: a randomised controlled trial.
Lancet 2006,368,2136-2141 Pawar
Following so soon after Peter’s meta-analysis, could this be a new Hot Topic………?

Greenwood BM.
Corticosteroids for acute bacterial meningitis.
NEJM 2007,357,2507-2509 Greenwood
Steroids for meningitis? Yes if you’re in the First World, no if you’re in Malawi, maybe if you’re in Vietnam


Lin MT, Albertson TE
Genomic polymorphisms in sepsis
CCM 2004,32,569-579 Lin
If molecular medicine is The Future, then here’s your horoscope………

Munger MA.
New agents for managing hyponatremia in hospitalized patients.
American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 2007: 64: 253-65
Remember the EVERESTstudies? Well, here’s another use for AVP-antagonists!
PubMed Abstract

Stein PD, Woodard PK, Weg JG, Wakefield TW, Tapson VF et al.: PIOPED II Investigators.
Diagnostic pathways in acute pulmonary embolism: recommendations of the PIOPED II Investigators.
Radiology 2007,242,15-21 Stein
By far the most commonly missed fatal diagnosis.


Arabi Y, Gomersall CD, Ahmed QA, Boynton BR, Memish ZA.
The critically ill avian influenza A (H5N1) patient.
Critical Care Medicine
 2007; 35: 1397-403  PubMed Abstract
Still a potential hot topic………..

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