Australian Resus Council

You need to know your ALS – there’s just no getting away from it. For one thing, ICU trainees run the cardiac arrests on the wards at RPA. For another thing, we have a few arrests on the ICU. And it’s all fair game for the exams….

The ARC website has all the guidelines you will ever need, but here, for your convenience, are the 2010 ALS guidelines….

Click on the links below for detailed explanations of the guidelines…and on the diagrams for full sized versions.

ARC ALS Intro 2010

ARC CPR for ALS providers 2010

ARC ALS Protocol 2010

ARC Electrical Therapy 2010

ARC Medications in ALS 2010

ARC Equipment and Techniques in ALS 2010

ARC Post resus care 2010

ARC Therapeutic Hypothermia 2010

ARC Acute dysrhythmias 2010

ARC Special Circumstances 2010

Know your algorithm…

Don’t forget the kids…

Manage the choking patient…

And the neonates – you never know, the mother’s and babies’ unit is pretty close to ICU!