Top 100 ICU Papers – Resuscitation


Cheung KW, Green RS, Magee KD.
Systematic review of randomized controlled trials of therapeutic hypothermia as a neuroprotectant in post cardiac arrest patients.
Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine 2006; 8: 329-37. PubMed Abstract   CJEM Full Text
Even the Canadians say ‘keep them cold’…..!

Böttiger BW, Arntz HR, Chamberlain DA, Bluhmki E, Belmans A, et al.; TROICA Trial Investigators
Thrombolysis during resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
NEJM 2008,359,2651-2662 Böttiger
The long-awaited TROICA Trial – what an anti-climax! 

Mentzelopoulos SD, Zakynthinos SG, Tzoufi M, Katsios N, Papastylianou A et al.
Vasopressin, epinephrine, and corticosteroids for in-hospital cardiac arrest.
Arch Intern Med 2009,169,15-24 Mentzelopoulos
And you thought vasopressin doesn’t work for cardiac arrest? Just add steroid!

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